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An Authorized Independent Amsoil Dealer
Colorado Springs CO

    Thank you for visiting our website. We are committed to making this site the easiest and most efficient way to obtain Amsoil products. As an Authorized Independent Amsoil Dealer, High Altitude Synthetics strives to provide a simple website where you can quickly find and buy your Amsoil products. Whatever your lubrication needs, we have the products: synthetic motor oil, diesel oil, transmission fluid, gear lube, compressor oil, synthetic bake fluid, diesel fuel additives, gas engine fuel additives, synthetic greases, and hydraulic oil. We also offer marine lubricants, motorcycle and ATV lubricants (two or four stroke applications), air filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters and transmission filters.

    Amsoil offers many excellent ways for their customers to save money. If you will be buying Amsoil frequently, you will probably want to consider the Amsoil Preferred Customer Program. With this program, you pay an annual fee of $20.00 and you can buy Amsoil products at wholesale prices. This saves you about twenty-five percent off the retail prices.

    If you are interested in becoming an Amsoil Dealer, simply check out our Amsoil Dealer Information Page and request the information packet. Amsoil also offers Retail and Commercial Accounts. Contact me, Claude Harridge at (719) 646-1343 or I look forward to providing you with the best service and products that Amsoil has to offer!


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